Nanodri Stretchy White


Nanodri Moisture Repellent White

Moisture Repellent

Nanodri No Iron White

Non iron

Nanodri Antibac White


Nanodri Breathable White


Nanodri Moisture Wicking White

Moisture Wicking

How it works

Nanodri intelligently combines innovative Japanese technology and functional minimalistic Scandinavian design in our t-shirts. The outer protective layer is water-repellent, keeping you clean and dry. The moisture-absorbing inner-layer absorbs liquid 3 times faster than cotton, guaranteed to keep you 100% dry. This dual-layer functionality offers you complete and efficient protection throughout the entire shirt; keeping you cool and preventing any sweat stains.  


Our t-shirts are micro-perforated, wrinkle-resistant, and specially woven together using zig-zag stitching ( the most durable stitching ) making for stretchy and extremely durable clothing. This makes them an excellent investment, perfect for everyday use, and adventurous outdoor activities. Woven and infused with antibacterial protection, our apparels keeps you odor-free. Nanodri apparels are also free from any harmful chemicals and are certified safe according to ISO standards.

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Not convinced?

We at Nanodri take pride in creating the best functional heat relief apparel for you.
Our t-shirts have been tested extensively for quality and functionality.
We spent over 3 years researching, designing, and testing our apparel in the lab.
We wanted to test our product in various climates and under extreme heat conditions. Yep, even one of the hottest places on earth, Death Valley in America, it was no match for Nanodri!
You can rest assured that you’re getting exceptional quality apparel! They are also versatile, giving you the freedom to wear it as an undershirt or as a t-shirt. You choose.