The best heat relief apparel ever made

"Nanodri aims to be the world’s leader in providing functional heat relief products for everyday use"

How it started

It all started with an idea of the perfect apparel for people that feel heat and sweat to be a problem or a challenge in day to day life and want to find a solution. Although we soon figured out that this Is something that will work for everyone. This is what started Nanodri. We all have different backgrounds. One with Hyperhidrosis, but we all have a genuine wish to secure people in situations where heat and moisture can feel uncomfortable. And still, look their absolute best! Through our collaboration with a Canadian scientist, who has a Ph. D. in biochemistry and molecular biology, based in Tokyo, we have developed the world’s best fast-dry anti-perspiration clothes ever made.

Meet the team

Hi, I'm Martin, I'm Mathias, and I'm Knut.
We are Nanodri - and we're on a mission to create the best heat relief apparel ever made!